World Economic Meltdown: Supernova of Debt, Credit and Wealth Inequality

Why do so many people feel intimidated and confused by recent economic data and literature but would sincerely like to understand the most sensational economic and financial story of the past half-century? This book may be the answer. With its blend of economics, finance, technology, history and market analysis, it is a book that can serve as a primer for self-education and deeper awareness in the field of global economics. It encourages critical thinking and serves as a guide for readers to think beyond the popular belief systems and mainstream standardized propaganda. In an easy to read format supported with sound reasoning and research, this book demystifies a host of arcane economic issues and provides a clear analysis of the difficult road ahead.

Are we living in the “Outer Limits?” In some respects that seems like the case, given what has transpired since the Meltdown of 2008. Extraordinary money printing by the global central bankers (particularly the Fed) witnessed the transference of vast sums of wealth into the hands of the wealthy elites via the international banking cartel and select global corporations.

The multi-disciplinarian approach taken by rogue economist and futurist Khafra K Om-Ra-Seti delivers a presentation that blends economics, technology, and stock market analysis to provide a more comprehensive picture of the world economy. The author, who has been following this story for decades, takes the reader on a historical journey culminating in a collective understanding and convergence to discover:

(1) Why breaking the link between paper money and gold should not have become the permanent monetary system.

(2) The secret of why the Fed and other central bankers were driven to print trillions of dollars (out of thin air) during and after the Meltdown of 2008.

(3) Why millions of American homeowners were not bailed out and given low-cost mortgage solutions, and yet a small group of wealthy elites and their institutions were generously provided trillions of dollars.

This book can also serve as an invaluable reference guide to help readers survive and possibly prosper during boom and bust cycles. It is designed to help the reader to understand better the economic system that dominates the planet, opening the path to clear thinking and better-informed decision-making.

Pick up your copy today! It will be a great investment of your time and energy.

Understanding the cause and effects of economic boom and bust cycles.